Pre-Production Services

Concepting: Looking to make a commercial, music video, or other creative work? You let us know who your target market is and what the end goal for piece is and we will provide you with great concepts for your project.
Writing: We provide copywriting services as the next step to an approved concept. Already have a concept and just need a writer, well we have several writers we work with and we can put you together with just the right one for your concept and budget.
Budgeting & Scheduling: Need to know how much your production will cost? We breakdown your script and prepare a schedule for you. From there we prepare a budget for you based on your schedule, shoot location, signatory unions and proposed budget parameters. We are currently using EP Budgeting & Scheduling Software.

Producing: We provide experience Producers, Production Managers and Coordinators for all pre-production planning and coordination. Every moment and penny spent in Pre-production is at least three pennies and three moments saved in Production and Post.
Storyboards: Visual planning is vital to your production. There is no better way of communication between the Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and other key departments than the use of storyboards. Our artists can help bring your vision to life and give you the means to accurately communicate it to your team.

Production Services

Production Management: We bring you experienced Production Managers with common sense, integrity and the ability to problem solve in the moment.  We have a record of bringing projects in on time and within budget. Production Management is vital to the success of your project.

Crew: We have freelance crew for all necessary positions. From Award-Winning Cinematographers to eager and bright young PA’s, we can provide all crew for your project (Union or Non-Union).

Equipment: Through our varied network of equipment rental suppliers, we book and provide all equipment for your production. ***
*Depending on size of production, purchase of insurance plan may be required
**Equipment available only to productions utilizing Pre-Production & Production Management Services as well.

Post Production Services

Editing: With great story telling and a keen eye for detail our experienced editors will bring your story to life.
Color Correction: If you need a fix or you are looking for a stylized visual look, our color correction artists are here for you.
Motion Design: Set your project apart with 2D and 3D Titles, Opening Sequences, Lower Thirds, Animated Charts, Graphs and Logos.

Print & Advertising Services

Print Design: Need business cards, flyers, brochures , EPKs or promotional packages. We offer graphic design and branding for you company, project or event.