Mzuvukile Patiluko

"MZ" has served as a DP, Camera Operator, Technical Advisor, Editor, and Motion Graphics Animator. This broad scope of experience in both production and post production has prepared him for his directorial debut with Nelson. A few of his past projects and clients include: Disney, Hard Rock Hotel, Snoop Dogg, Billy Ray Cyrus, Laguna Beach Jeans, Action House TV and Mike Rovner. MZ brings to the project and the company the highest level of quality, creativity, and efficiency.

Jessie Otollini

In April of 2010, Jessie produced the wildly successful "Go Momma" commercial for the Go Daddy Commercial Contest. She has also recently signed on to Line Produce for the new Indie Soap Opera, The Bay, starring Mary Beth Evans from "Days of Our Lives". Jessie’s documentary/movie producing and line producing credits include: Lights Out, Fuel, Jack Rio, Go For It, The Azusa Street Project and Dual Revelation. She has brought in all projects on time and under budget by using creative and cost effective solutions. Jessie is known for combining integrity and creativity with excellent people skills. She has worked with such clients as: AARP, Aramark, Ideacast, and MTV Canada. During 2008 Jessie also worked on the 'Production Site Management and Accounting Teams' for the multi-million dollar 'Red Bull Air Race' events in San Diego and Detroit. Her other varied projects include music videos, short films and promo videos.

Johnny Camacho

After his internship with Action House, where he edited for the internationally broadcast television show, Action House TV, Johnny has been the Chief Editor for Dream Media at the Los Angeles Dream Center. As chief editor, he has edited for the Matthew Barnett Show and The Dream Center Show. On the side, he has also edited various shorts, infomercials and music videos.